Official figures show that planned redundancies fall despite the end of furlough looming…

 Figures from the government’s Insolvency Service showed there were 12,600 planned job cuts in August, an 11 per cent drop from 14,000 in July.

Experts say new data provides ‘hope of a smooth landing’ as the job retention scheme enters its final few weeks

The number of expected job cuts fell to a record low last month despite concerns that the end of the furlough scheme could spur more redundancies.

This was down from a high of 155,600 planned job cuts in June last year, and the lowest number of planned redundancies since at least January 2020.

To counter too much optimism, it is worth noting that employment was still 800,000 lower than pre-pandemic levels. There is also the much-reported talent shortage in several areas which needs to be addressed and quickly.