Survey shows that three-quarters of “white-collar” workers are considering quitting their jobs or changing their careers

A nationwide survey conducted by Census wide, three-quarters of UK white-collar workers said they are considering quitting their jobs or changing their careers due to ‘burnout’, a lack of ‘work-life balance’ and ‘toxic’ workplace environments.

The survey showed that 57 per cent of all staff – including those WFH and in the office – are suffering from bouts of low morale with nearly a fifth believing their workplace environment is ‘toxic’ and around 18 per cent thinking that  their bosses don’t care about their mental wellbeing.

Life company Juno, which commissioned the survey, admitted ‘the pandemic has certainly worsened things’. Businesses had previously said the coronavirus crisis had driven a revolution in the world of work ‘greater than radical reform or regulation ever could have’.

Some 40 per cent said their firm is having to operate at reduced capacity due to staff shortages as people opt for career changes, while 15 per cent of firms report seeing sales plummet as they struggle to meet customer demand.

The survey also found that more than 30 per cent of white-collar bosses are struggling to fill vacant positions, and a further 13 per cent foresee this becoming an issue soon.

Though 23 per cent of workers said that money was a key driver, 58 per cent said they left because other companies promised to provide a better’ work-life balance’ or workplace culture, as well as improved access to benefits such as childcare and healthcare.

Some 64 per cent believe their bosses are doing all they can to address shortages, but 36 per cent see management complacency as an issue which will worsen morale in the coming months.